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Universidad del Valle is a public, state-supported university founded in 1945.  The academic and financial administration corresponds to the President and the four Vice Presidents (VP for Academics, VP for Research, VP for Administration, VP for Students and University Welfare). As the general director of the institution, the President is assisted by the Board of Trustees and the Academic Council.

Universidad del Valle is one of Colombia’s three most important public universities and the most important in the south western region of the country.

Located in the City of Cali, Universidad del Valle stands out for its academic excellence in the fields of Health, Humanities, Sciences, Arts, Economics and Social Studies, Business and Engineering, along with developments in the areas of scientific and applied technological research.

Due to this, the university has received support from several international entities and other universities through inter-institutional cooperation agreements.

Universidad del Valle is proud to be among the 18 Colombian universities awarded with the High-Quality Institutional Accreditation granted by the Colombian Ministry of Education.

The University is also well known as a research university and for its social commitment, providing education for highly qualified students in its Melendez and San Fernando campuses located in the city of Cali, and in its nine branches around the Department of Valle del Cauca, according to the regional strategy and specific needs for its social and economical development.

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