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Multicampus System


Nine regional branchesAt present the University is a multicampus system, having two campuses in the city of Cali and eight branch campuses in other cities of the State of Valle del Cauca. The location of these branch campuses in different parts of the region allows a direct response to regional needs. With this regional dimension, the University has a global vision of the problems that affect the development of the region and can offer valid and appropriate solutions to those problems, in the sphere of higher education.

To fulfill its mission, as leader in the regional development, the university offers 180 academic undergraduate and graduate programs in 10 different areas covering in that way almost all academic fields. Furthermore, it is the foremost Colombian public university in research, directing its projects and studies towards the solution of regional, national and Latin American problems.


Name     City
Ciudad Universitaria - Meléndez     Santiago de Cali
San Fernando     Santiago de Cali
Buga     Guadalajara de Buga
Caicedonia     Caicedonia
Cartago     Cartago
Norte del Cauca     Santander de Quilichao
Pacífico     Buenaventura
Palmira     Palmira
Tuluá     Tuluá
Yumbo     Yumbo
Zarzal     Zarzal
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Dirección de Regionalización
Edificio Tulio Ramírez, piso 2
Ciudad Universitaria, Meléndez
Calle 13 No. 100-00
Tel: +57 2 3316834 y 3212285
web: http://regionalizacion.univalle.edu.co

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