Research groups


Faculty of Integrated Arts

Faculty of Natural and Exact Sciences

  • AEHM – Learning, Teaching and History of Mathematics
  • ANOPI – Numerical Analysis, Optimization, and Inverse Problems
  • Applied Plant Biology
  • Oceanographic Sciences
  • Development and Application of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • Animal Ecology
  • Coral Reef Ecology
  • Ecology of Estuaries and Mangroves
  • Eco-physiology, Biogeography, and Evolution
  • Partial Differential Equations and Geometry - Univalle-ERM
  • Mathematical Education
  • GEAHNA – Ecology of Agro-ecosystems and Natural Habitats
  • GDA - Group of Research on Differential Geometry and Algebraic Geometry
  • Human Molecular Genetics
  • GICAMP - Group of Research of Environmental Contamination Through Metals
    and Pesticides
  • GINM – Group on Engineering of New Materials
  • GIPNA - Group of Research on Natural Products and Food Products
  • GISIOMCA - Group of Research on Organo-metallic Synthesis and Catalysis
  • Gravitation
  • Group of Electrochemistry
  • Group of Eco-genetic Studies and on Molecular Biology
  • Group of Studies on Animal Genetics, Molecular Ecology, and Physiology
  • Group of Solid-State Theoretical Physics
  • Group of Research of Heterocyclic Compounds
  • Group of Research on Finite Elements
  • Group of Research on Biology, Ecology, and Handling of Ants
  • Group of Research on Crystallography
  • Group of Research on Entomology
  • Group of Research on Geometry and Physics
  • Group of Research on Analytical Separations
  • Group of Physical Metallurgy and Theory of Phase Transitions
  • Group of Quantum Optics
  • Group of Thin Films
  • Group of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
  • Ilama - Group of Research on Environmental and Earth Sciences
  • Laboratory of Herpetology
  • LICAP - Laboratory of Research on Catalysis and Processes
  • Microbiology and Applied Biotechnology
  • Microbiology and Environmental Biotechnology
  • MICROBIOMOL - Group of Research on Microorganism Molecular Biology
  • QUANTIC - Technology, Information and Quantum Complexity
  • Synthesis and Reaction Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry
  • Phase Transitions in Non-Metallic Systems

Faculty of Administration Sciences

Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences

Faculty of Humanities

  • Analysis, Mind, Language, and Cognition
  • Association: Centers of Regional Studies, REGION
  • Center of Studies of Gender, Woman, and Society
  • EILA - Research Team on Applied Linguistics
  • Studies on Family and Society
  • Ethology and Philosophy
  • Gender and Politics
  • Gender, Literature, and Discourse
  • Gender, Health, Sexuality, Family, and Identities
  • GRILL - Group of Research on Language and Literature
  • GRUPEB - Group of Strategic Planning for the Human Development of
  • Group of Research on Bilingualism
  • Group of Research on Textuality and Cognition in Reading and Writing
  • Literature and Pedagogy
  • Nation-Culture-Memory
  • Colombian Narrative
  • PRAXIS - Group of Research on Ethics and Political Philosophy
  • Subjects and Collective Actions

Faculty of Engineering

  • Water Supply
  • AGESAT - Analysis and Management for Environmental and Territorial
  • AVISPA - Group of Research on Visual Environments of Applicative
  • CAMALEÓN - Group of Research on Usability and Adaptativity
  • CBOC - Group of Research of the Bio-industrial Cluster of the Colombian West
  • Science and Technology of Coal
  • Cinara - Institute of Research and Development in Potable Water, Basic Health,
    and Conservation of the Hydric Resource
  • Convergía - Group of Research on Energy Conversion
  • Institutional Development and Community Management in Water and Health
  • Development and Dissemination of Alternative Technologies
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Study and Control of Environmental Contamination
  • EVA – Artificial Evolution and Life
  • GADYM - Group of Digital Architectures and Microelectronics
  • GAOX - Group of Advanced Processes for Chemical and Biological Treatments
  • G-7 - Group of Research on Seismic Engineering, Aeolian Engineering, and
    Intelligent Structures
  • GEDI - Group Doctoral Studies on Informatics
  • GEINTEC - Group of Research on Technological Management
  • Integrated Management of Hydric Resource
  • GICI - Group of Research on Industrial Control
  • GIGA - Group of Research on Applied Geomatics
  • GIIP - Group of Research on Processes Engineering
  • GIPER - Group of Research on Remote Perception
  • Group of Research on Logistics and Production
  • GIMI - Group of Research on Industrial Improvement
  • GIPAB - Group of Research on Engineering of Agrofood and Biotechnological
  • GISMODEL - Group of Research on Dynamic Spatial Simulation and Modeling
  • GITTV - Group of Research on Transport, Transit, and Roadways
  • GRALTA - Group of Research on High Tension
  • GRUA
  • GRUBIOC - Group of Research on Biofuels
  • Group of Composite Materials
  • Group of Biomechanics
  • Group of Bio-nanoelectronics
  • Laboratory of Electrical Equipment Patterning
  • Group of Biotechnology on Productive Chains of Promissory Fruit Trees
  • Group of Research on Energetics
  • Group of Research on Fatigue and Surfaces
  • Group of Research on Science, Technology, and Society
  • Group of Environmental Health
  • Group of Applied Thermodynamics
  • HIDROMAR - Group of Research on Riverine and Maritime Hydraulics
  • INFERIR - Group of Research on Applied Statistics
  • IREHISA - Group of Research on Engineering of Hydric Resources and Soil
  • PSI - Group of Research on Perception and Intelligent Systems
  • Chemistry and Physics of Fuel Cells
  • REGAR - Group of Research on Comprehensive Risk Management for
    Agricultural Development and Food Safety
  • RDAI - Group of Research on Science, Technology, and Society
  • SISTEL-UV - Group of Research on Telecommunication Systems
  • Statistical Thermodynamics and Molecular Simulation
  • TPMR - Tribology, Polymers, Metallurgy of Powders, and Transformations of
    Solid Wastes

Faculty of Health

Institute of Psychology

  • Cognition and Representational Development
  • Culture and Human Development
  • Psychological Development within Context
  • Gema - Group of Research on Development, Society, and Environment
  • Group of Clinical Research on Psychology, Neuropsychology, and
  • Group of Research on Labor and Organizational Psychology
  • Language, Cognition, and Education
  • Mathematics and Cognition

Institute of Education and Pedagogy