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About the University


As a public university, Universidad del Valle’s mission is to educate at the highest level through the generation and diffusion of knowledge in science, culture and art techniques, technology and humanities with autonomy and vocation for social service. As a state institution, it assumes commitments to the construction of a just and democratic society.

University of Valle, as one of the most important higher education public institutions of Colombia in coverage, quality and diversity of its services, aspires to be known as a university of excelence, that is pertinent, innovative, efficient, competitive, with scientific research and international proyection.
Organization Chart

This is the organization structure of the Universidad del Valle (updated to February 2003). Click at the icon to see it.


The university was founded by the document Ordenanza #12 of 1945 by the Departamental Council of the Valle del Cauca, with the name of "Universidad Industrial del Valle del Cauca" (Industrial University of the Valle del Cauca).
This denomination was changed in 1954 by the document Ordenanza #10 to the actual one: "Universidad del Valle".

University's presidents
The university's presidents since its foundation:
Name     Períod
Edgar Varela Barrios     2015 - today
Iván E. Ramos Calderón     2003 - 2015
Oscar Rojas Rentería     1999-2003
Emilio Aljure Nasser     1998-1999
Carlos Enrique Dulcey Bonilla     1998-1998
Jaime Galarza Sanclemente     1991-1998
Harold José Rizo Otero     1984-1991
Rodrigo Guerrero Velasco     1982-1984
Jaime López     1981-1982
Carlos Augusto Trujillo Padilla     1980-1981
Antonio Barberena Saavedra     1979-1980
Alvaro Escobar Navia     1974-1979
Alberto León Betancourt     1972-1974
Hugo Restrepo Ramírez     1971-1972
Alfonso Ocampo Londoño     1966-1971
Mario Carvajal     1954-1966
Jorge Vergara Delgado     1952-1954
Carlos Arturo Cabal     1950-1952
Hernán Cruz Riascos     1949-1950
Tulio Ramírez     1945-1949
Universitiy Administration

Iván Enrique Ramos Calderón
Vice presidency of Academia 

Héctor Cadavid Ramírez
Vice president
The vice presidency of academia is in charge of general management of the academic activities related to undergraduate and graduate education, professional programs, for on-campus and distance learning students.
Vice presidency of Administration

Edgar Varela Barrios
Vice president
The vice presidency of administration is the organism in charge of management, coordination and evaluation of the administrative and financial activities, for an efficient functioning of the university. Aditionally, it is in charge of conservation and vigilance over its patrimony.
Vice presidency of Welfare

Luis Fernando Castro
Vice president
The vice presidency of university welfare is the organism in charge of recommending and developing activities directed at the welfare of the university members
Vice presidency of Research

Carolina Isaza
Vice president
The vice presidency of research is the organism that integrates and promotes research activity at the university in order to result in a direct contribution to science, technology and arts, and to respond to the necesities of the educational process in all its levels and forms, as well as of the social, economic and cultural development of the region.
General Secretary

Oscar López Pulecio
General Secretary
Planning office

Luis Carlos Castillo Gómez

The Universidad del Valle has its central campus in Cali, the capital of the State of Valle del Cauca, one of the regions of greater industrial development in Colombia, well known for its sugar cane exporting capacity to the international markets. It is a region of fertile lands and fine agricultural enterprises.
Cali is situated in the tropical zone and has a moderate climate due to fresh air coming from the Andean Mountain Range and because of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. It is an urban center of around two million people, who live in a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The city was founded by the Spanish conqueror Don Sebastian de Belalcázar, four houndred and sixty one years ago and has been chosen as the meeting place of several scientific and sporting events at the international level. Furthermore, in Cali there are a great number of mulinational industries, converting this region into one of the most developed zones of the country in technological, academic and scientific areas.

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The Republic of Colombia: Maybe the greatest wealth of Colombia is its variety in very different landscapes, and its great mixture of human races. In Colombia you can find any type of climate from the wettest tropical forest on the earth, over boiling hot coast areas, salt and sand deserts, and highlands, to eternal ice (be prepared on your trips for important temperature changes!). Colombia occupies the second place (behind Brazil) in amount of vegetal species in the world (some 49'000!) - it's true that nature in Colombia seems to do everything possible to boast with its great variety, no matter how small the area! Some 20% of all bird species are found here. In Colombia you can also find any kind of the human races (only Asian people are relatively rare): mainly black people on the coast line, mainly white in Medellin, Indians in the highlands, and any shadings of these in towns like Cali.

Some say that if you want to see South America, but you only have little time, go to Colombia, because it's kind of a melting pot, that unites all the different characteristics of the other countries!

Multicampus System

At present the University is a multicampus system, having two campuses in the city of Cali and eight branch campuses in other cities of the State of Valle del Cauca. The location of these branch campuses in different parts of the region allows a direct response to regional needs. With this regional dimension, the University has a global vision of the problems that affect the development of the region and can offer valid and appropriate solutions to those problems, in the sphere of higher education.

Name     City
Ciudad Universitaria - Meléndez     Santiago de Cali
San Fernando     Santiago de Cali
Buga     Guadalajara de Buga
Caicedonia     Caicedonia
Cartago     Cartago
Norte del Cauca     Santander de Quilichao
Pacífico     Buenaventura
Palmira     Palmira
Tuluá     Tuluá
Yumbo     Yumbo
Zarzal     Zarzal
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Corporate collaboration
Financial Information
  The financial services office supervises financial execution at the university and establishes financial reports .
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